Fueling update

I had breakfast this morning with Mitch Junkins from The CDM Company at Panini CafeAfterwards I decided that  I should top off my tank at the Shell Station in Newport. ( Side note Mitch asked me about how the fuel was transferred, what state it was stored in and the temperature. All great questions that I will research and will provide an update on soon)


When I arrived at the station I found out it was down for maintenance. There was a tech there who was very helpful in explaining to me why it was down and that it would be down for a few days. I was glad that I had not run the car down as low as I might have with a fossil fueled car. I decided to drive up the road to UCI to fuel up. Wouldn’t you know it the 700 bar was down there as well. As luck would have it there was a tech there from Air Products who explained what was going on – so helpful. Mitch FYI I did find out from the tech that the fuel goes from -425 in the holding tank to a transfer heat of around 14 degrees Fahrenheit and reaches a temperature of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit in the cars fuel cell. Again more science facts to follow on another post.


I was able to “fill up” the tank to just above half a tank using the 350 BAR pump. You can only top off using the 700 BAR pump. It’s enough fuel to run me around town for a few more days. Lesson learned I cannot run the car to empty or always expect to be able to fill up so I need to plan accordingly. This is before the fuel up – notice on the right side the fuel bar. IMAG0672[1]





This is afterwards – just over half at 350 BAR. FYI on Monday I was at 237 miles on Wednesday I am at 426 miles.



The end of one affair and the beginning of another

Officially turned in my BMW today over at Crevier BMW. A special thank you to Jerry Barnes for making this a smooth transaction.


Goodbye BMW…hello Hyundai

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tucson

Say hello to my little friend. Signing off on BMW after I turned it in at Crevier. The Hyundai proudly taking a photo in front of the showroom.


I’m not the only one

Last Thursday I felt really special. I had just picked up my Tucson from Hardin Hyundai 10553916_10153029991949778_4069371532160547668_o

When I pulled into the UCI station the next day for Hydrogen fueling training there was another car just like mine already there.  On the phone yesterday talking to an associate from the Integrated Marketing Forum I found out her husband was the 1st customer to receive the car.

I am not alone that illusion has been shattered however I still feel special and privileged to be a part of this very unique group of people.



How often do you have to fuel your car?


At 7:30 a.m. on the 28th of July I began with about half a tank of fuel and an estimated range of 160 miles…


at around 8:00 a.m. I topped off at the UCI Hydrogen Fuel Station. It took about 5 minutes to top off. At a full tank it now says I have a range of 268 miles. As this work week begins we shall track how long before I have to make the 2.1 mile journey from my work a The Dot Corp to the fueling station. 

Ruben S. Gonzalez


Stop me if you’ve already heard this joke before….

OK slowly I am coming to terms with the fact that I am now an ambassador for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology and that I need to learn how to field all kinds of questions and comments.One of the questions or comments that keeps popping up is why am I driving aHindenburg disaster bomb around. People seem to either be horrified about the fact that I am driving a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and ask me if I am not concerned about my safety or they find much glee in comparing my car to the fatal flight of the Hindenburg Blimp. So far I have either blown them off or quickly answered with “Oh no you don’t understand this is nothing like that at all. This car is over engineered and so safe this could never happen in my car”

As a newly voluntarily self  appointed brand and technology ambassador I believe that I must do my homework and come up with a better and more educated answer. I will update this post once I discover a simple and concise answer to share when asked these type of questions.

Ruben S. Gonzalez


It was raining this morning

Just after the rain stopped about to leave and go to work

Just after the rain stopped about to leave and go to work

I woke up to the sound of rain early this morning. My first thought was not wow I live in California we are in a drought we need the rain. No my 1st thought this am was about my newly acquired Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car. I picked up the car last Thursday July 24th. I was wondering how many miles can I drive before I run out of fuel. Do I have time to get fueled up this am before my day starts or do I wait and schedule it in. The second stream of thoughts was about all of the questions I have been fielding since I picked up the car. I will go into that later. My third thought was I need to write all of this down before it consumes me. Share it as best I can in spite of the fact that I am a poor writer, I have never blogged before and am typically a very private person. So it begins the question I had this morning is Hydrogen now a way of life?