Why is it so hard to get my carpool lane stickers for my Hyundai FCV ? Dealing with the California DMV and the Dealer/Manufacturer is frustrating and confusing!!!

This is my tale to share with you and hopefully there is lesson to be learned here.

When I picked up the car I was told at the dealer that the carpool lane stickers would arrive with the registration and my plates.

They did not. When I called the dealer asking if there was an issue I was told that this is between me and the DMV.

So I head over to AAA DMV services to find out that they can’t help me – I have to fill out a form and send in my check to Sacramento.

Yesterday I get my check back and the application from the DMV stating that there is a missing form that only the dealer can fill out? It’s REG Form 1010. When I asked for Hyundai’s help I was told that I need to fill out REG Form 256.

The dealer made a mistake and therefore I now need to fix it?

What I am afraid of is now long drawn out process wherein I do not fill out the form correctly or find out that as an individual I am not qualified to change the motive type with the state. My experience is there is really is no such thing as “simple and working things out” when dealing with Sacramento and the DMV.

It’s a perpetual circle of finger pointing!

What’s even more frustrating is seeing all those Toyota’s rolling down the carpool lane with their stickers on and they don’t even have plates yet! I did some research and found out there are dealers offering stickered cars as incentive to buy from them.


Many thanks to Juan Contreras from the California Fuel Cell Partnership and Salvador Delgado-Rangel, Unit Manager DMV, Special Processing for making this happen and getting it done. I am truly surprised at how easy they made a seemingly difficult process simply fixed and completed.

As originally posted on LinkedIn