Why is it so hard to get my carpool lane stickers for my Hyundai FCV ? Dealing with the California DMV and the Dealer/Manufacturer is frustrating and confusing!!!

This is my tale to share with you and hopefully there is lesson to be learned here.

When I picked up the car I was told at the dealer that the carpool lane stickers would arrive with the registration and my plates.

They did not. When I called the dealer asking if there was an issue I was told that this is between me and the DMV.

So I head over to AAA DMV services to find out that they can’t help me – I have to fill out a form and send in my check to Sacramento.

Yesterday I get my check back and the application from the DMV stating that there is a missing form that only the dealer can fill out? It’s REG Form 1010. When I asked for Hyundai’s help I was told that I need to fill out REG Form 256.

The dealer made a mistake and therefore I now need to fix it?

What I am afraid of is now long drawn out process wherein I do not fill out the form correctly or find out that as an individual I am not qualified to change the motive type with the state. My experience is there is really is no such thing as “simple and working things out” when dealing with Sacramento and the DMV.

It’s a perpetual circle of finger pointing!

What’s even more frustrating is seeing all those Toyota’s rolling down the carpool lane with their stickers on and they don’t even have plates yet! I did some research and found out there are dealers offering stickered cars as incentive to buy from them.


Many thanks to Juan Contreras from the California Fuel Cell Partnership and Salvador Delgado-Rangel, Unit Manager DMV, Special Processing for making this happen and getting it done. I am truly surprised at how easy they made a seemingly difficult process simply fixed and completed.

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The only station within driving distance that is open is at UCI and since there is so much traffic there right now I can only half fill up my tank. I love the car it just really sucks that this is what is happening every day.

The status of the Newport Beach station is: OFFLINE

The status of the Fountain Valley station is: OFFLINE

The status of the West LA station has changed to: OFFLINE

Rumor: BMW planning i3 fuel cell

John W Nelson Co-Founder / Manager – Haveblue LLC shared this article with me and I find it very interesting.

Latest rumor is that by 2016 BMW will launch a hydrogen-fueled version of its i3 with help from Toyota’s fuel cell technology.

A source speaking to motoring.com.au during a recent visit to the US, the Torrance California (USA) based National Manager Advanced Technology Vehicles intimated strongly that BMW would leverage Toyota technology in a fuel cell version of the new-generation i car.

Answering questions regarding the rollout of fuel cell vehicles into the Californian and US markets, Scott stated: “We have a joint partnership with BMW, so we know… where they’re headed.

 “It’s a technology development program where we are supposed to be jointly developing a fuel cell powertrain,” Scott explained.

“I’ll just say that BMW had a lot of choices – there are a lot of people who make fuel cells – and we’re very happy they chose us. [But] They’ve never made a fuel cell before, so this is going to be a good experience, I think, for them and probably for us.

“How much joint is involved I’m not sure. But, you know, I think bothcompanies have a lot to learn from each other.”

When asked whether BMW will use Toyota’s series-production fuel cell technology in a fuel cell version of the i3, Scott suggested crash test regulations would play the biggest part of the integration program.

“It’s just going to come down to meeting crash [testing requirements]… So they’re going to have to find a way to package it [Toyota’s fuel cell stack in the i3] such that they can meet [safety regulations].

“If there were no regulations, per se, then you would put it anywhere you like. But… there would probably be some reinforcement of the chassis, for some parts, to make sure that there’s no infringement during a high-speed accident. The same thing for the [hydrogen] tanks,” he stated.

BMW is no stranger of hydrogen-fueled cars. The company has previously shown a 7 Series Hydrogen and a 1 Series Hydrogen-powered.

Source: http://www.bmwblog.com/2014/07/31/rumor-bmw-planning-i3-fuel-cell/ 

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Here’s an interesting angle….

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Kevin McNichol

Expert Consultant at ICF International

Here’s an interesting angle….
Say your commute is about 30 miles. In that 30 miles, I think the FCV generates about 1 gallon of water. Let’s suppose that same commute is used by 10,000 other FCVs. Where does all that water go? 😉 (now think about those in the northern climates in the winter!)

You might be saving gas and solving the SE water problem at the same time!